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Top 3 Tips for Soccer Referees to Manage Spectators & Parents

Posted by Nick Elliott on May 15, 2017

If you’re currently officiating junior football (or soccer), then you might find this handy. Parents and spectators at junior football can often cause a problem for you as the referee. They’re passionate about seeing their children do well but this passion can sometimes overspill into something that isn’t pleasant. I’ve refereed many junior games where parents haven’t held back on letting me know how they feel about a decision I’ve made. 

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3 Soccer Referee Tips to Reduce Verbal Abuse

Posted by Nick Elliott on May 05, 2017

Some days I can see why football has been given the title of the beautiful game. When the sun is shining, great football is being played and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Other days, I really struggle to see why it has been labelled with such a title. You know those games when it’s chucking down with rain, it’s windy, the ball is in the air more than it’s on the ground, and the players are on your case every time you blow your whistle. Being a referee can be very tough on these kind of days.

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