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Leaked: 2018 Adidas Soccer Referee Jersey Design

Posted by Jason Sholl on May 30, 2017

Over the weekend, Twitter user @hendocfc leaked images of what appears to be the 2018 Adidas Soccer Referee jersey design. For many years now, Adidas referee uniforms have been featured in the FIFA World Cup, international matches, Major League Soccer, and other domestic leagues sponsored by Adidas. We can expect these uniforms to be used in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The new uniforms come during a two year refresh cycle that ProReferee continues to see. We have carried the uniforms in our online store and are an official Adidas distributor in the United States.

The Design

Looking at the artist renderings, we can see an alternating horizontal stripe pattern across the body and sleeves. We believe this also continues on the backside for continuity. There are two chest pockets with velcro enclosures. There is a black V-neck and subtle collar design that returns from previous year designs. The shoulders appear to have the Adidas 3-stripe design extending from the collar along the top of the shoulders.

Absent from this sketch are pull tabs on the chest pockets. These allow easy access to cards or other items that referee carry. The Adidas logo is also printed below the waistline and is not featured in the center of the chest or on the pockets.

There is a Climalite imprint below the waistline, so this jersey will likely be thin and provide wicking for sweat or humid climates. 

adidas-2018-referee-red.jpg  adidas-2018-referee-blue.jpg

Our Assumptions

We assume the material will continue to be the same Coolwick polyester as previous Adidas referee uniforms. We did not see designs of the shorts, so we would assume the shorts to continue to be all black, as the 2016 design.

We have images of yellow, light blue, and red jerseys. The red looks close to the 2014 jersey, since the 2016 shock red was closer to a salmon or pink color. Additional colors could include green and black, as previous cycles have. 

We are curious about socks, since we began to see Adidas introduce a completely black version in 2017. Past socks that were all black included a white or complementary color logo on the shin. They may continue with a color sock that matches each jersey, as we saw in the 2016 uniforms.

The new uniforms will likely be available in January 2018. We will keep everyone posted with updates and if we see other colors emerge from Adidas. The estimated price will be $55 for short sleeve and $60 for long sleeve. Shorts are around $35 retail price and socks are about $16. Tell us what you think of the new design down in the comments!