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Favero Substitution Boards in the Copa América Centenario

Posted by Jason Sholl on June 08, 2016


Soccer referees are amazed to see more technology entering the game. In this year's Copa América Centenario, hosted in the United States, ProReferee supplied each stadium with a double-sided Favero Substitution Board. Wrapped with a TAG Heuer (check out this video how to pronounce) advertising case, the LED digits are easy to read across the pitch, in the stadium, and on television.

Favero Substitution Board from ProRefereeProfessional LED substitution boards are the gold standard in global football [soccer]. At the beginning of the 2016 Major League Soccer season, we supplied all 20 teams with their double-sided boards and wrote about it here. In late April, the English Premier League announced their partnership with TAG Heuer and were supplied the same Favero substitution boards for their 20 participating teams.

The double-sided version is best for professional stadiums, providing an easy way to display information with the fourth official rotating once, 90 degrees, for all spectators to see. The electronic controls have been upgraded in 2016 to include 6 programmable substitution events that can be recalled on the fly. With an easy to use dial pad like a telephone, the board quickly displays information with minimal keystrokes. 

The boards are Italian-made by Favero Electronics in Arcade, about 30 miles outside Venice. ProReferee has distributed their products since 2013 and supply a 2-year parts and labor warranty. Favero products are robust, value-engineered, and practical from recreational to professional levels of sport. 

If your team, league, association, or individual needs require an upgrade to the professional level, consider adding a Favero Substitution Board to your arsenal of tools. Boards are available in a single-sided or double-sided option and include a custom travel case to protect your investment.

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