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Brand New US Soccer Referee Uniforms from Official Sports

Posted by Jason Sholl on May 01, 2016


We just caught a glimpse of the brand new Official Sports International soccer referee uniforms for 2016, and they look great! Let's break down the features and analyze the latest image we saw.

2016_osi_uniforms_2.jpgSolid Color

The yellow jersey is a callout to the 2012 Adidas Referee Uniforms. The solid color offers great contrast to players, goalkeepers, and stands out when referees need to spot one another across the field.

We can't help notice the creep-in of the previous jersey with the thick and thin line underneath each pocket. This repeats a tiny bit on the backside, but is dominated by a solid color.

But check out the collar! We now have a solid color for the colar, rather than the black contrast in the previous collar! On the backside, the collar has a black tab with the OSI logo featured below it. Pretty slick!

New Federation Logo

2016_osi_uniforms_3.jpgUS Soccer Federation overhauled their logo in 2016, so it is no surprise to see the latest logo featured on the right sleeve. It is solid black and features US SOCCER FEDERATION on the top, with REFEREE PROGRAM along the bottom. 

Zipper Collar

You now get to zip it up! Years of popping buttons or determining if you button all the way up, versus one button from the top; now we zip!

Looks like a half-length black zipper and this referee crew elected to zip to the top. It may hold better in weather conditions or when you are soaking wet. Buttons seemed to previously wear out the button hole in muggy or wet conditions. 

Sleeve Detail

The short sleeve uniforms have a solid black half cuff design. This adds a tiny bit of detail to the otherwise boring short sleeve cuff.

On the long sleeve jerseys, there is a full black cuff, as traditionally seen with OSI jerseys.

Velcro Tabbed Pockets

Storing accessories in your jersey pockets will be a bit easier with a tab to pull open as you slide things in or out. No more pocket flap! The velcro tab has been a feature on Adidas referee jerseys in the distant past. 

Don't forget: New Shorts

Since the US Soccer logo changed, you'll now have new shorts with the logo on the right leg. 

What do you think of the uniforms? Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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