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Top 10 Must-Haves for Beach Soccer Referees

Posted by Jason Sholl on May 03, 2016

The world's favorite sport is growing with the adoption of Beach Soccer along the coastlines of the United States. Last year was the first time I was involved with Beach Soccer and it was a thrill. Players are more acrobatic with bicycle kicks, the ball performs differently on the mounds of sand, and the workout everyone receives will build up your post game appetite!

With nice weather this time of the year, we will see more Beach Soccer tournaments at beaches in California, Florida, and other prime locations that soak up the sun. We came up with a list of essential gear you will need in order to enjoy yourself, perform professionally, and inform others who may need some advice.

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Brand New US Soccer Referee Uniforms from Official Sports

Posted by Jason Sholl on May 01, 2016

We just caught a glimpse of the brand new Official Sports International soccer referee uniforms for 2016, and they look great! Let's break down the features and analyze the latest image we saw.

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4 Soccer Referee Secrets for the Ceremonial Coin Toss

Posted by Jason Sholl on April 28, 2016

Before a match, the first formal interaction soccer referees have with team captains results in a coin toss. Based on the Laws of the Game, Law 8 states that: 

"...the team that wins the toss of a coin decides which goal it will attack in the first half..."

If you dig in your pocket and have no coin, and your referee team comes empty handed expecting you to carry a coin, the situation can be quite embarrassing for the assembled group. Players are eager to play and gain what they consider a starting advantage. Assistant Referees may be expecting the referee to carry a coin. The formality of a coin toss exhibits a 50/50 chance for the players, and that the referees are applying fairness to the match.

There are a number of tricks referees use for the coin toss. These work at the youth, college, indoor, beach, adult, and professional levels. 

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Summary of Changes to the 2016 Laws of the Game: the Official Soccer Rules

Posted by Jason Sholl on April 19, 2016

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) have published the latest changes to the 2016/2017 Laws of the Game, the official rules for soccer around the world. The ultimate aim of revising the LOTG is " increase the universality of the Laws by making them easily understood so football throughout the world benefits from consistent interpretation and application."

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Laws of the Game

TAG Heuer Soccer Substitution Boards in 2016 MLS Season

Posted by Jason Sholl on March 29, 2016

The latest Major League Soccer season kicked off on March 6, 2016. Almost two weeks prior to games kicking off, the league debuted new soccer substitution boards and announced a long-term partnership with TAG Heuer to become the official watch and timekeeper. TAG Heuer also announced a similar partnership with US Soccer.

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An Evening with Peter Mikkelsen, former FIFA Soccer Referee

Posted by Jason Sholl on July 21, 2010

CULVER CITY, CA - Over 125 soccer referees attended a special presentation by FIFA dignitary Peter Mikkelsen on July 19, 2010 in Culver City, CA. Sponsored by SoccerOne ( with a generous meeting space, refreshments, and a raffle for referee supplies, the event came on the heels of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Mikkelsen shared insights from his spectacular career as a FIFA Referee and his latest experiences on the FIFA Referee Committee.

Peter Mikkelsen lives in Copenhagen, Denmark and began officiating soccer as a hobby in 1975 at age 15. He entered the ranks of the Danish Premier League when he was 23 years old and became Denmark’s youngest FIFA Referee in 1985 at age 25. In 1990 at age 30, he became the youngest referee selected to officiate at the World Cup in Italy. This was followed by the 1992 EURO Championship in Sweden, 1994 USA World Cup, and the 1996 EURO Championship in England. He retired from officiating international soccer in 1998 and served as a FIFA Referee Instructor from 1998 to 2006. Since 2007, he continues to serve FIFA as a member of the Referee Committee.

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